Wedding Organization and
Events in Mallorca

We will be at your disposal from the very beginning until the end, carrying out your ideas with anticipation, commitment, complicity and all our soul.

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Organization of Weddings and Events in Mallorca

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Organization Process


We will be at your disposal from the very beginning until the end, carrying out your ideas with anticipation, commitment, complicity and all our soul.


Sharing ideas, priorities and budget

We will share ideas, check your priorities and your budget so we can have all details under control.


Searching for the most suitable location

After our first conversation, we already have an idea of what you want and we will find the most suitable venue for you.


Conceptualization and full or partial organization of the event

To gather concepts, combine ideas, integrate the gastronomy part and timings, so that you can make us a complete or partial order according to your needs.


Catering and tailor-made gastronomic proposals

Our Catering team will work according to your specifications and create a personalised menu for you.


Table proposal, decoration, lighting, floral design, stationery and details

We will suggest and develop a full decorative proposal with a tailor made concept of the event.


Entertainment and artistic proposal

We will advise you and look for the perfect musicians, artists or any entertainment that you have in mind.


Guests transportation proposal

We will manage buses and
other transfers for the


Project and budgets presentation

Presentation of the project with the breakdown of all the budgets to finalize the idea and confirm the services needed


Bar service and catering styling integration

Integration of the catering service in the decorative project (bars, cocktail station, show-cooking …), but also the wedding cake, special wines or other gastronomic touches.


Menu tasting

Organizing the menu tasting and final decision of the gastronomic part.


Final project confirmation

Final project presentation and confirmation of
all the services and details.


Coordination of the wedding day or event

Final appointment one week before the wedding, to rechecl all details and timings. And realization and organization of the event.

Do you want to start organizing your wedding or event?

Organization and Management of Weddings in Mallorca

Organization of your wedding in Mallorca.

The best venues in Mallorca, Wedding Planner service, the trendiest decoration and a very Mediterranean catering.

Always with the most personal style you will be able to carry out your ideas, with emotion, commitment and complicity.

We will have everything ready for you to enjoy such a special day.

– Lara Fraire y Africa Navarro / Managers

We carry out events of any kind with the certainty that we can assist you.

– Sonia Calzada / Production Manager

Integral realization of events in Mallorca

Its Mediterranean climate, unique locations, signature cuisine, excellent service and a committed, methodical, creative and professional team.

It makes of Mallorca a unique destination for events.

“Mallorca is a wonderful destination to celebrate”.


Our Organization Team

As a team-first group:

Our team of organization and production of weddings and events, will capture your idea and solve your doubts.

We will design the best decorative and integral project for you, adapting it to your ideas and budget.

Lara Faire

Senior Project Manager

África Navarro

Senior Project Manager

Verónica Morales

Directora Administración

Bert Krassimirov

Director F&B

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The Team

Our Organization Team
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